Disruption of Self

May 26, 2017

Entrepreneurs love to talk about disruption – innovations that uproot and change how we think, behave and do business. More often than not the focus is on displacing existing markets, industries or technologies.

But in the context of cultural evolution, and with culture not being a tangible product –  how do we disrupt and move beyond our societal and cultural limitations or issues, especially if it seems we continue to approach them from the same state of being; treating the symptoms rather than the source, the core cause – truth level.

In truth, the only disruption required to support global or community change is the disruption of self, or the conditioned mind.Beyond the mind, beneath the philosophical and the scientific there is a stillness and a knowing – our true nature. Living in alignment with our true nature we harness our potential to make choices that lead to and bring forth a conscious and sustainable future.

Disrupt the mind and we play a part in the greatest transformation our evolutionary timeline has seen, our state of being – our culture.

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