The Truth About Climate Change

May 30, 2017

On a personal level, do you notice that when we cease giving our attention to certain experiences they simply fall away. As a result of surrendering to, or are no longer being in judgement of what is, the experience that we once held onto and labelled as good or bad transforms – it no longer serves its purpose.

I’m aware that what I’m suggesting here is highly complex and intergenerational, and some would say distinctly esoteric, but the only difference between our personal and collective manifestations is scale. Let’s use the concept of climate change as an example since it’s a big part of our current cultural narrative. Climate change is real because you make it real! The force to eliminate is a judgement that serves to reinforce the existence of the very thing we are judging, and in this case and many others, these experiences are brought into creation by the focus of the many; in consequence becoming a collective issue – a global issue.

In truth, a shift in human consciousness is all that’s required to support global or community change. When a collective shift in perception occurs and a sense of unity and oneness is known and lived, the result of that shift will become manifest within our physical reality – naturally and effortlessly.

The moment we stop trying to save the world, but instead save ourselves, is the moment the world around us will change.

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