December 18, 2017

I’m currently enjoying the physical and spiritual benefits that come with the spaciousness of vast open country, in the small town of Hay, Outback NSW; taking time to reflect on one of the biggest years of my life and to bring order to the complexity that came with it before making my next move. An opportunity presented itself earlier this year to spend three months in the Northern Territory (Darwin, Katherine and surrounds); an experience that was not only life changing, but significantly altered the course of M Global and M Beauty – our impact and contribution.

The past 18 months have seen me study with some of the country’s best educational institutions, University of Sydney Business School (Global Executive MBA, Leadership) and Philanthropy Australia (Emerging Philanthropist’s Accelerator Program), as well as attending numerous meetings with local and state government, and various other institutions and businesses that govern popular narrative – our culture.

A predominant observation on my travels was a commonality in the way the powers that be address the transformation of our societal and cultural issues. Old ways of thinking that course not only through the majority of modern society, but through their own being (individuals and organisations) whether they know it or not. Resulting in a lack of awareness that our current attempts to resolve age old issues from the same mindset – level of perception – from which they were created will ultimately perpetuate and re-create more so than actually address (the root cause) or transform.

I’m not suggesting that so called band-aid solutions are not required to ease the pain of certain human experiences, however an intervention is required if we are to actively foster and bring forth true ‘radical’ transformational change. It’s time to stop playing with the ‘effects’ of our collective manifestations and start addressing the ‘cause’, which lies in the realm of perception – consciousness – at the level of the individual.

It will be a shift in human consciousness that will have a significant and sustainable impact on the social challenges that exist as part of our current cultural narrative. An increase in the process of conscious awareness on the level of the individual will play an integral part in consummating the effects of a collective awakening. When enough individuals have made the shift ‘within themselves’ only then will we see an acceleration in the changing of our narrative and what we manifest as a collective.

As a result, transformative methodologies will be deeply integrated into our culture, even more so than they are today; through practices and processes – tools for transformation – that create systemic and lasting change in individuals, organisations and communities.

Quieten the mind and you will intrinsically play part in the greatest transformation our evolutionary timeline has seen; our state of being – our culture.

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