The Bicameral Mind

June 3, 2017

Check out the first 1:27 of this video – a distinctly esoteric and significant cultural reference.

INTERVIEWER: ‘How much did you know going in? Were you told about that shift? Or is that something you found out over the course of the season, in reading a script, and said oh gosh I’m not who I thought I was’.

JEFFREY WRIGHT: ‘What’s interesting about the show is there was this big reveal, but if you look back at the previous episodes you’ll see these breadcrumbs that are now more fluorescent that were already there, but were just very subtle hints of where it was going’.

Extract from Westworld, Season 1 , Episode 10:

BERNARD: ‘Consciousness isn’t a journey upward, but a journey inward. Not a pyramid, but a maze. Every choice could bring you closer to the center or send you spiraling to the edges, to madness. Do you understand now, Dolores, what the center represents? Whose voice I’ve been wanting you to hear?”

Beyond the mind, beneath the philosophical and the scientific there is a stillness and a knowing – our true nature. Living in alignment with our true nature – our own unique voice – we harness our potential to make choices that lead to and bring forth a conscious and sustainable future. Disrupt the mind and we play a part in the greatest transformation our evolutionary timeline has seen, our state of being – our culture.

A realm of consciousness is available and necessary for our evolution; and how do we access it? Simple. We choose to.

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